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The Advantage of a Retail Merchandiser Software
almost 5 years ago


Merchandising should be looked at as an art. Your products should be perceived by the prospective consumer as an art. In order to succeed in the merchandising, there is a need to invest in direct store delivery so as to prompt the sales. This will enable the business to stay ahead in a very competitive field.


The product will be displayed and promoted in the required strategy. Traditional merchandising has been replaced by a new dimension of mobility. Sales reps who are mostly stationed in the field will appreciate with the onset of the merchandising software that carries with it vital information. The information will have in-store performance data that will be easily accessible to operations managers. Armed with instant information the managers can take a shorter time to mitigate and provide the required feedback.


The mobility essential will bring about an optimized shelf space. The inventory levels in the retail shops will be sustained with the best-selling brands. The mobility will have a stock check that shows which products are moving and which ones are not. The checker will be through a barcode scanner that will process inventory that seems to be depleted from the shelves. The introduction of new products will generate essential information on its pricing, sales performance, competitor strategy and point of sale advertising. With all these information the field rep can improve on the current performance.


Having a built-in customized template will bring in customer satisfaction, will gather the required questionnaires from the staff, as well as carry out research on the market survey. The end result is to have the best customer service. The retail merchandiser software comes with the ability to take photos of shopfronts, promotional materials, displays an inclusive of competitor's locations that are geo-tagged, organized and categorized for later use by the managers. You can read more here on retail management or for the best software, check out fokoretail.com.

The merchandiser need not worry about the stock keeping unit -SKU status report on outlets. All the manual information on the SKU, or out of stock items can easily be stored and retrieved from the mobile app or the data if not in hand in the field can be transferred from the company office.


The other prominent feature is the mode of payment of outstanding debts. The feature will accept pictures, and evidence of delivery for a particular outlet. It will archive such transaction out there in the field for office retrieval purpose. The time and date, together with the location of the transaction on cash payment will be able to be captured. The feature will be able to record the shipping of the item, the route it is to take during delivery and the outlet or supermarket to receive the goods. Continue reading more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/jared-hecht/5-obstacles-facing-retail_b_7881350.html.

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Retail merchandiser software refers to software solutions that are created to simplify the process of sales of goods at retail.
First of all, using retail merchandising software helps in optimizing shelf space. One thing with this software is that in maintaining